Billy Tav


Love On Holiday (Holiday Romance)

Live Love Dance! 
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Billy Tav

It had to be the music......

"When it plays in your head and you know it is something nobody else has heard before...
How can you switch it off and carry on without making it real?..."

Billy Tav is an acclaimed song writer with a passion for dance music.
His work ranges from the complete exuberance of 'Love On Holiday' an absolutely huge bass drop monster dance track to the reflective tones of 'The Things That Have No Meaning' .
His work has reached No1 on Reverbnation with 'Love On Holiday' and No1 on Ethnocloud this year with current successes 'If Only'  'Shot And Wasted'  'The Things That Have No Meaning' and 
 'An Olympian for Eternity'


KeepIt On The Best Has 
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Billy Tav

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